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September 30, 2009
Discovery Channel Features SPD-SmartGlass in "The Mile High Skyscraper"
Discovery Channel will be featuring Steve Abadi, Chairman and founder of Innovative Glass, in "The Mile High Skyscraper", airing is tonight at 10PM ET. The upcoming episode explores whether humans could build "Extopia" - a mile-high skyscraper - in the future, and emphasizes the strategic role that smart glass could have in sustainable building design.

June 11, 2009
Energy Efficiency and Windows Blocking Heat Gain from Sunlight! -- Research Fontiers Inc.
Introducing the World’s Most Energy Efficient Windows -- DSET Laboratories, a division of Atlas Material Testing Technology, has published the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of SPD Glass and the results are exciting...

July 22, 2009
Hitachi Chemical Rolls Out Voltage-controlled Dimming Film -- Tech-On!
Hitachi Chemical Rolls Out Voltage-controlled Dimming Film --- Hitachi Chemical Co Ltd commercialized a dimming control film whose shading can be adjusted by changing the applied voltage and began volume production. ...

April 15, 2009
Smart glass and daylight harvesting: Advanced light control that saves energy -- New York Real Estate Journal
Windows are integral features of commercial and residential buildings. From a design perspective, they are drivers of a building's aesthetic appeal, give occupants a connection to the environment, and introduce natural light into the building...

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